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1940 duckpond100   2008-02-28 10:39

Eric was very proud of his children while he was alive.

Charlaine Harris

1941 genealogygirl2   2008-02-28 11:40

Thank you, Charlaine!

1942 eminem4eva1   Edited 2008-02-28 11:50 2008-02-28 11:46

Cheers Mrs.Harris,Awww not being sarcastic but awww bless his little pointy fangs. Mini erics. Do you think his kids could of been turned at any point or is that like out the picture?

1943 crossfox   2008-02-28 12:01

Just to clarify, when I said I doubted whether Eric stuck around to find out about kids, I was not judging him by today's standards, which would be unreasonable in the extreme, or in fact judging him at all. I was simply going by his culture's standards. Some Vikings undoubtedly took women along, but not all, and Eric so far hasn't enlightened us on his own experience.

For a well-researched fictional treatment of his era, read Dorothy Dunnett's King Hereafter, a historical novelization of MacBeth. Warning: 721 densely-written pages, full of allusions to and quotations from the literature and mythology of history to that point, and the humor is very dry. For those with the interest and stamina, though, it's extremely rewarding.

1944 crossfox   2008-02-28 12:05

For those who need one, it has a wonderful love story, but also lots of historically and clinically accurate descriptions of battle and its aftermath.

1945 eminem4eva1   Edited 2008-02-28 12:29 2008-02-28 12:25

Not blanking what you just said crossfox, but how old do you think Eric's kids are now if they're not dead. I mean if any of them were turned?
Oh if they had been turned it would be like the jerry spring show. 'I thought my dad was dead. He's just been away hunting people!' lol that would be a funny one to watch. In a weird creepy kind of way :s

1946 crossfox   2008-02-28 12:41

Do you mean at what age would they have been turned, or how old in vamp years? Presumably in vamp years it would be twentysomething years younger than Eric, which is probably not statistically significant when you're talking about a millenium.

1947 jamie24   2008-02-28 13:32

Thanks so much for that Ms Harris! We should have known he would have been very proud of them indeed. I would imagine if any of Eric's children had been turned, they would be with or around him.

Will we find out more about Eric's past in a future book Ms Harris?

I still think it is possible that he had horrors in his past that has compelled him to remain caring but at a distance to not allow himself to get too close to someone again... but it seems Sookie is going through those barriers...

1948 raydeeray   2008-02-28 14:11


1949 ttassetr   2008-02-28 14:50

I'm so glad Eric is getting a background. Ms. Harris was wise to make him a Viking.

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