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Questions about the Sookie Stackhouse Series

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800 ninetailedkat   Edited 2008-07-09 03:03 2008-07-09 03:02

Ms. Harris,

Absolutely love the Sookie books. I think Eric and Sookie's love story is one of the best I have read. Not too mushy and very realistic (except for all the supernatural stuff of course)!!! They are both so noble, brave and loyal. You strike a wonderful combination of humor, intimacy and lust - just fabulous.

I have a question about Eric's past in light of your last two books in the series. He seems to be really able to identify and empathize with Sookie's fear of losing control over her own life due to other's designs upon her "talents". He really seems to want to protect and spare her as best he can from more sinister individuals. Was he similarly sought after before he was turned? Does he share similar(but not directly related) heritage i.e. fairy blood/telepathic talent?

801 duckpond100   2008-07-09 09:09

No, he doesn't share a similar heritage, but he's experienced being out of control of his own life.

Shai, I'm sure that sooner or later the stories will be compiled. First, the rights have to revert to me, especially in the case of stories in anthologies by other publishers (besides Penguin Putnam).

Charlaine Harris

802 Texasmama   2008-07-09 09:20

An anthology of all the short stories would be great!

803 kleinfriedelchen   2008-07-09 12:41

Dear Charlaine,

since I would really like to see Sam and Sookie together, I wanted to ask if there will be some romantic action between the two in the next book.
Thanks and Greetings!

804 lesleycalder   2008-07-09 13:00

Charlaine, My daughter picked up one of your books by chance at and because she got it for me I thought I had better read it. Now I am hooked, I am struggling to find many of your books but when I get them I cant put them down. I find them interesting and funny, a big difference from my usual heavy murder/forensic books. Now I am searching for the other series, my daughter is coming to the rescue again and is going to order them for me overseas. What I cant understand is the bookstore I found a few in said they have trouble keeping them on the shelves, go out as fast as we put them there, I said then buy more and he just said hmmmm. I am doing my bit to try and get more people in australia to read your bookd, how about coming to Perth and doing your bit.

805 AtlantaSassyBelle   2008-07-09 22:40

Good luck with that, Lesley. We're still trying to get her to come over to Atlanta again and thats just a few states away. ;)

806 duckpond100   2008-07-10 09:00

Kleinfriedelchen, no romantic action between Sam and Sookie in the next book, sorry. Lesleycalder, thanks for your word-of-mouth campaign. I'd love to come to Australia any time my publisher wants to set up a tour.

Charlaine Harris

807 kleinfriedelchen   2008-07-12 18:37

Mrs. Harris, any romantic action at all for our dear Sookie?

808 kozlowski12   Edited 2008-07-12 22:00 2008-07-12 21:49

Kleinfriedelchen, in May, Charlaine posted the following, in response to a question about "romantic action" in the next book:

745 duckpond100 2008-05-09 13:22
I haven't even finished it yet. You'll just have to wait, sorry!

Laralee, if the story doesn't naturally lead into the bedroom, there won't be any sex in that book. There is sex in the next one, because the story leads there.

Charlaine Harris

809 kleinfriedelchen   2008-07-13 05:12

Thanks, kozlowski

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