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Next Sookie ~ Book #9 ~ Dead And Gone ~ May 2009 Release Date ~ A Little Mild Speculation

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515 aislyn   2008-09-11 17:40

Tapadh leat, my dear little non-orphan! It's been my pleasure.

We had a "Let Pam live" campaign going for a while there. We can start it up again if we start fearing for the girl. DAG sounds even more ominous that FDTW.

516 crossfox   2008-09-11 21:14

I am still laughing at Kiwi's comment.

517 jesswinn   2008-09-11 21:53

I think Eric is all about diversity in more than just the type of underwear he wears. While he seems to prefer women, he didn't seem too put out to flirt with Eggs in LDID and with Curly in CD.

I suppose when you've been around as long as Eric, and are as successful as adapting to change as he is, you tend toward diversity in almost all things.

518 nguyen_3   2008-09-12 13:50

Pam rocks!

519 crossfox   2008-09-12 21:23

True dat! She has her own thread to prove it.

520 bedrous   2008-09-13 00:25

I don't know how much we need to worry about Pam. She's too great a character to lose.

521 Gator Girl   2008-09-13 08:53

Blue silk boxers.......ummmmm........where was I.....

Pam is such a great character, it would be a shame to lose someone with such style, grace and a fantastic sense of humor!!!;)

522 kpavey42   2008-09-13 12:19

Okay, I've come late to the show here; if we know the title of the next book, do we know the release date?

523 sonofnorway   2008-09-13 12:25

kpavey42, Early May, 2009.

524 kozlowski12   2008-09-14 06:43

Actually, Jess, I think Eric probably *was* put out with Curly in CD; Sookie saw the hickey on his neck, when he told her he hated having feelings.

Our previous analysis of that scene concluded that he hadn't liked having to play up to Curly, but that was one of the things he had to do because of his feelings for Sookie.

But it could be coincidental.

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