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Charlaine, I was wondering...

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155 aislyn   2008-10-07 10:40

blissmom, Ms. Charlaine has said that it is Bill. Enter "cover" in the search window and you will find a thread where we discussed it.

156 rmandato11   2008-10-07 21:10

I was wondering if the were bite from the vampire to Sookie will turn her into a vampire, if i recall, from dead to worse didn't have a full moon. And it was never mentioned if his were effect on others was gone, just that he couldn't change. When is dead and gone coming out? Thanks!

157 crossfox   2008-10-07 22:09

Per Ms. Harris, Sookie will never be a vampire. May 2009.

Slacker Mod

158 duckpond100   2008-10-08 10:41

I enjoy Janet's books too, but I don't look to other writers for inspiration. I'd never thought about a similarity between Quinn and Ranger; but I think the only likeness is that they call their favorite woman "Babe."

Charlaine Harris

159 mccarras   2008-10-08 21:36

Thank you for answering. I was thinking they looked similar too, in terms of skin color and build at least. I can't remember if Ranger is bald - I think he has short hair, though.

Thanks again!

160 tarrible27   2008-10-08 22:01

We have been shown a bit of the politics/organization of the vamp society. Will there be more as far as the rest of the states/territories? Is there someone who is the "head" of the US organizations? Will there ever be a "global" summit?

(Can't you just imagine a European trip for Eric and Sookie.)

161 duckpond100   2008-10-09 06:00

No, Ranger and Quinn don't look anything alike.

My vision of the books so far doens't include a global summit. Our knowledge of vampire political structure has to be filtered through Sookie. We'll know as she knows.

Charlaine Harris

162 toxicwaffles   2008-10-09 06:15

Dear Miss Harris, I was just wondering something about Sookie and Bill's confusing relationship. I've read so many different things on line its hard to tell what's true and what's not.

I'm sure you can't give me a straight complete answer because you don't want to give anything away but...

Is there any hope for Bill?
(Sorry if this question has been asked already, if it has someone can just post the answer)

Its silly but I'm a hopeless romantic. Plus maybe its just my silly morals but I think everyone should be forgiven.

163 crossfox   2008-10-09 09:42

The question has been asked and answered many times. However the answer is ambiguous. For the exact wording you may check the Bill Lovers thread, on which some version of it has been posted at least a dozen times in as many days.

164 mompaul   2008-10-09 10:41

I just finished "Definitely Dead" and I was confused as to whether I missed a book somewhere about Waldo and Hadley. I read the fist 5 before "Definitely Dead" but there wasn't a story line to this. Could you please tell me if that story line is in one of your other books?

I started reading your series after the second HBO show and I am now on your 7th book of it. I really love them. I am a big Bill and Sookie Fan so I am hoping for love again. My favorite line is from book two. "I'd just like to see you recover yours" when Bill asked for the key.

Thank you for a world to escape to every now and then.

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