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Random Questions for Charlaine Harris

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657 duckpond100   2009-02-19 09:32

Thanks, Marybeth. Good for checking, slee.

Trrinity, Bill has been unfortunate in some of the women in his life, but look at it this way: if it were other MEN ordering Bill around, no one would think twice about it, right? His king, and his father?

I feel a little sorry for Bill, too, but he's caused some of his own misfortune.

Charlaine Harris

658 trrinity   2009-02-19 15:36

Thanks for the response. I'm still sad though. Poor Bill--siblings dying, separated from his family, the war, losing friends, women trouble, never having control of your own existence, blah, blah, blah. I guess stories need a good tragedy. Thank goodness it's only fiction. By the way, I absolutely adore Bubba. I hope he comes around some more. What a delightful character. I think I adore him because when I read about Bubba I know there's always something happy right around the page--eventually, so-to-speak. A nice little nibble of a treat.

659 dallasmc   2009-02-19 17:50

Trinity, if you adore Bill, you should visit the Bill Lovers Only thread in the Sookie Stackhouse section. You will find many kindred spirits. This thread is really just for random questions for Ms. Charlaine and not for discussions about the books.


660 dallasmc   2009-02-19 17:52

And to follow the trend Minda tried to start a while back to keep to the title of the thread, Ms. Charlaine, do you like garlic in your dishes or have you given it up completely out of respect for your characters?

It's supposed to be random. The thread says nothing about witty.

661 trrinity   2009-02-19 17:57

I just feel sorry for Bill and find Charlaine's development of him interesting. I do not adore or love him. I just find the development of his character interesting in a cliff hanger/soap opera kind of way. However, point taken, you want questions only here, right?

662 dallasmc   2009-02-19 18:00

Pretty much, so Ms. Charlaine can find and, hopefully, answer them more easily.

663 hzlblu4ever   2009-02-19 23:17

I don't see Bill as emasculated at all. If you want to see male characters emasculated, I suggest the Anita Blake series. I used to be a fan, but as the stories went in that direction I had to give them up.

I see the Sookie character as one that does not think she is better, does not hold herself higher, all she asks for is honesty; Bill was not honest. He betrayed her trust. Sookie's comments to Bill at the end of Definitely Dead say it all.

As with any good writer, the characters grow and learn. So who knows, perhaps there is hope for Bill after all. Personally I see Bill as an opportunist and he pleased his Queen, let's see what he does for the king.

664 dallasmc   2009-02-19 23:43

Once again, folks, this is NOT a discussion thread. It is a thread for random questions for Ms. Charlaine. Please take all discussion about the books to the Sookie Stackhouse section and find the appropriate thread.

If we start having discussions on the questions thread, Ms. Charlaine might stop visiting and answering actual questions. No one wants that.



665 lizzywednesday   2009-02-21 21:48

Since college, when I took a CompLit course in 20th Century Narrative Forms, I've been fascinated by the role technology plays in the way we tell stories.

Do you find that the sheer scope of the technology available, from cell phones to computers and everything in between, makes it easier to tell your stories? Have you thought about whether it changes the way you tell them?

For example, in the Sookie books, both the advent of the synthetic blood and the world-wide connectivity that cable TV and the internet are key to vampires' ability to "come out of the coffin" ... not to mention the impact computers (and the internet) have had on Bill's ability to create (and, I suppose, update) his Vampire Directory. And that's just one series among several!

Does technology force you to think about these things differently?

Thanks in advance and best of luck to your daughter as she decides upon a college. (My dad's advice was simple: think public and in-state. 13 years later, I'm a proud alumna of Rutgers University and may actually attend my 10-year college ReUnion weekend next year.)

666 melissap714   2009-02-21 22:50


Just wondering if you ever visit the east coast? Say
South Carolina? Would love to see you and to get a signed copy.......

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