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Charlaine Harris World Tour 2010...May Contain Spoilers!

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161 Musing_Til_Midnight   Edited 2010-03-09 18:44 2010-03-09 18:37

The main things that CH mentioned tonight:

1) The Blood Bond issue will not be resolved in DITF but she may address it in Book 11 or 12 as it is causing so much trouble!

2) The current working title for Book 11 is "Dead Letters" though CH says it is normal for it to change during the editing process. Wild specualtion ahoy!

3) The fairies are going to be in books 11 and 12.

4) CH reaffirmed that the novella will be trying to explain Quinn to Sookie.

5) The provisional publication date for the Companion is apparently Febuary 2011, but it wasn't clear if that was the UK/US or both.

6) Manfred is going to be developed as a character and will appear again possibly in a crossover?

7) Barry Bellboy is going to be brought back.

Gosh there are probably more, but it's almost midnight and the excitement of tonight has been to much for me!

Can I just say what we already know, that Ms Charlaine is a really wonderful writer but more importantly an insprirational person. It was amazing to meet her tonight.

Edited to add/clarify

162 lindsayb   2010-03-09 18:57

Lots of great info! I'm very intrigued by the possibility of Manfred crossing over!!

163 Musing_Til_Midnight   2010-03-09 19:07

Well Manfred is obviously another candidate for Sookie's HEA, two telepaths together...or not! Only joking! ;)

It wasn't clarified where he would cross over, only that CH knew as soon as she wrote him that he was a character she would want to develop. I think he definitely has more to give as a character and would be great in another CH world too.

164 mooji   2010-03-09 19:12

Tried to keep away from the thread to avoid spoilers, but couldn't stop myself.
Love, love love Manfred. He's a wonderful character. HE definitely deserves to be in more than one series.

165 Musing_Til_Midnight   2010-03-09 19:20

@ Mooji- Those spolier stars are like a flashing sign of temptation lol!

166 dallasmc   2010-03-09 19:26

Isn't Manfred a psychic? I don't remember him having telepathic abilities.

167 Musing_Til_Midnight   2010-03-09 19:28

I thought that when he made physical contact he could hear thoughts and that his gran was a psychic?

He used to answer Harper's mental questions when he was holding her hand didn't he?

168 lindsayb   2010-03-09 19:31

Here's the quote from Ms. Harris about Manfred's abilities:

375 duckpond100 2009-12-01 16:15
I have to point out that being psychic is NOT the same as being telepathic. Manfred cannot read Harper's thoughts, or anyone else's. Most psychics can get images from objects that belong to a missing person, for example, or can get visions of what may have happened in a particular locale. No mind-reading involved.

Lecture over. (I'm on this soap box a lot because quite a few readers inaccurately call Sookie a psychic.)

(edited for content)
Charlaine Harris

169 Musing_Til_Midnight   2010-03-09 19:34

So when he holds Harper's hand he is sensing or reading her future decisions she is making/thinking with her hand as the object? Is that how it works for him? Much more confusing than straight telepathy! In fact I have now totally confused myself

170 sylviaoxenreider   Edited 2010-03-10 06:13 2010-03-09 20:49

mooji, I have friends in Warrington, . My uncle met the family when he was stationed at Burtonwood during WWII. The teenaged daughter and I became penpals and finally met, visiting back and forth,(Texas). I love England.
Enjoy your meeting with Charlaine, for all of us who can't be there.

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