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Charlaine Harris World Tour 2010...May Contain Spoilers!

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206 CindyWest   2010-03-11 18:00

Sookfan, I've observed that people with TRUE friends have them because they deserve them not because they are lucky Kudos to you.

207 dimensionallyT   2010-03-12 09:25

I went to the London talk and Ms Harris is soooo funny - genuinely a hoot! The questions were mostly sensible and polite with only a couple that I thought were a bit OTT or rude. Probably not much Ms Harris hasn't heard before though. She answered all questions graciously and with humour - did I mention how funny she is!

I guess the others posted the spoilers that she hinted at, whether intentional or not, in other threads (i.e. about books 10 and 11, the blood bond, the creatures, Quinn and such like) so I won't duplicate them here. Needless to say I cannot wait for the next book and I am so glad I got to go to a talk!

Ms Harris, Thank you so much for coming to Europe. I hope it was a success and that you had fun!

208 2shay   2010-03-12 10:15

nevansa--My gosh, girl!! You are just beautiful!! All kinds of wow factor. Thanks for the pics! Glad you had fun.

DT--Are you going to post pics? I know we would all love to see them.

209 crossfox   2010-03-12 10:23

This is the thread for spoilers from the tour. We haven't seen nearly enough of them yet, if you ask me.

210 2shay   2010-03-12 10:38

crossfox--Agree. Spoilers do not spoil a thing for me! Just makes me hungry for more.

211 dimensionallyT   Edited 2010-03-12 10:54 2010-03-12 10:54

2Shay, I didn't get to take pictures...

crossfox, 2Shay and all....spoilers? Ok, just in case no one has posted them yet, although I am sure they have all been posted already....

Midnight and other London attendees, please comment/challenge/add to as your memory tells you ;)


NB!!!! MAJOR POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!! Also, words are paraphrased only, please do not take what I say as law!!!! Just in case you missed it, what follows may be...


Question: When are you killing Quinn off?
Ms Harris - ROUGH, NOT EXACT: Well, er,er, he is in the novella, coming out maybe in February so see what we do with him them.
Comment: Whatever the exact words were the people in front of and next to me on both sides (none of whom I knew) all agreed that she sounded very much like that meant Quinn was going to die in the novella. Of course, she NEVER said that and it could be a complete nonsense and a RED HERRING. I hope so...

Question: Are there elves?
Ms Harris - ROUGH, NOT EXACT: In book 11 there will be half-elves

Question: Do the vampires ever catch the faeries?
Ms Harris - ROUGH, NOT EXACT: I have to check with my assistant here... er..Faeries are in books 10 and 11...that's all I can say...
Comment: Ms Harris did say that she loves writing them and finds it challenging because they do not come from a Christian moral background. I suspect that the hesitation was because a fairy is caught in book 10, but she did not say this!

Question: Will the Blood Bond ever be broken?
Ms Harris - ROUGH, NOT EXACT: Not in book 10, I haven't decided about book 11 yet. It will be broken at some point.
Comment: Ms Harris stated that she wished she had never done the Blood Bond because she has had so much grief over it.

Question: Will Sookie get more sex?
Ms Harris - ROUGH, NOT EXACT: Lots in Book 10

Question: Will Sookie get more sex when she has found 'the HEA'?
Ms Harris - ROUGH, NOT EXACT: Yes, she will get plenty and be very enthusiastic about it
Comment: This seems to exclude the possibility that Sookie will end up single or dead. The question and answer was tongue in cheek though so maybe it doesn't mean that at all.

Sorry if this is too much for this thread, mods please delete if it is. If I think of more, I will post them but this seems to be the main points. Apologies if they are duplicates.

212 dimensionallyT   2010-03-12 11:04

I have just seen Midnight's thread, this is added based on that...


Barry the bellboy will be back because CH wants to finish his story and find out why he is 'snooty'.

Manfred is the character she would like to explore more of but she hasn't done anything with him yet.

The faries will be in books 10 and 11, not necessarily 12 (that wasn't mentioned I think...could be wrong though)

CH couldn't give another name for DITF in repsonse to Midnight's question, although she did reaffirm that book 10 is all about family...

213 lilzgoya   Edited 2010-03-12 13:51 2010-03-12 11:54

Edit: oh geez I'm sorry! This is why I don't talk

Thanks for the notes dT!

214 cbe   2010-03-12 13:07

I thought Ms. Harris has previously said that the novella would affect the books; that like "One Word Answer" it would be woven integrally through the story.

215 lindsayb   2010-03-12 13:17

7186 duckpond100 2009-10-26 08:05
Yes, this novella will have an impact on the storyline for the novels. A novella is a considerable work, and I can't make it a throwaway.

Charlaine Harris

Did anyone record the event? I haven't searched through youtube yet.

DT, spoilers are welcome and encouraged in this thread.

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