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Dahlia Lynley-Chivers and Her Short Stories

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1 lindsayb   Edited 2010-05-22 11:21 2010-05-22 00:48

"I'm going because I can't believe I've lived to see it," Dahlia said. "Also, I'm a bridesmaid, which is an honor. I have an obligation." She widened her eyes at her companion, to emphasize the point. She had big green eyes, so it was a vivid effect." ~ Tacky, from MY BIG FAT SUPERNATURAL WEDDING
"Dahlia Lynley-Chivers looked good in black; in fact, she looked great - and normally that was extremely important to her. But tonight she wasn't thinking abut herself or about the picture she made sitting alone at the elaborately laid table in the upscale restaurant. Seeley's tablecloths might have been designed to set her looks off: the undercloth was black like her hair; the overcloth was snowy white like her skin.
Dahlia had been dead for a very long time." ~ Bacon, from STRANGE BREW
"The female was a tiny, pretty vamp with the straightest back and longest rippling black hair I ever saw. I heard Bill address her as "Dahlia." ~ ALL TOGETHER DEAD
"Dahlia Lynley-Chivers woke up as soon as the sun went down. But this awakening was like none she'd experienced in her long second life: on her back, pinned down, and injured." ~ Dahlia Underground, from CRIMES BY MOONLIGHT

2 duckpond100   2010-05-22 09:38

Hah! Great to see a thread on one of my favorite characters! I love writing Dahlia, who is an extremely old vamp who's gone through many personas. There'll be another Dahlia story in a George R.R. Martin anthology coming out late this year or early next year.

Charlaine Harris

3 audiobooklover   2010-05-22 09:46

Hey, thanks Lindsay! I was a little surprised and happy to see this new thread this morning.

Spoilers for Dahlia Underground
I read Dahlia Underground yesterday and enjoyed it. I hadn't known what it was about, but I thought it was fun to revisit the bombing of the pyramid from a different perspective. And, I loved that the Rhodes vampires played a big part in bringing the FotS members to justice. I also thought it was great that Dahlia developed a continuing relationship with the firefighters of thirty-four company.

Oh, and I liked Melponeous too. ;-)
End Spoilers

I've read a few of the other stories in Crimes by Moonlight, but probably won't get through all of them. If anyone has some favorites to recommend, I'd love to know. I've basically been reading some by authors I've heard of but never read, but there are quite a few that I haven't heard of. . .

4 audiobooklover   2010-05-22 09:47

I was slow typing my last message. Glad to know there is another Dahlia story coming.

5 moomama   2010-05-22 17:55

I've only met Dahlia in Tacky and ATD. Sounds like I need to get some more books cuz I really liked her in Tacky and the tidbits lindsayb posted are great!!!

6 debim   2010-05-23 11:11

Moomama, you will love her in BACON, which is my favorite Dahlia story (located in the STRANGE BREW anthology). ;)

7 tgcgoddess   2010-05-23 17:52

So glad to see this thread. I love Dahlia and think she'd make a great spin-off series - the vampire P.I.! I felt so sorry for her in "Bacon" and hope she finds a HEA (well, as HEA as a vamp can get) also.

I really loved "Dahlia Underground". I'd always wondered if the Rhodes vamps ever did anything about the FoS bombing. I had expected them to just get even in their own way, but they way they went about it in the end was a great PR move.
And I'd always thought if I had the chance to be turned, I'd sure want to make sure my haircut was fresh, so reading about Lakeisha was great.

BTW, did Dahlia keep the cat from "Bacon"? It sure seemed to like her.

Charlaine, do you have a title for that upcomming anthology? I'd like to start keeping an eye out for it.

8 duckpond100   2010-05-24 10:02

The George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois anthology will be called "Down These Strange Streets." I think I was the first to turn in my story, a distinction I don't often get.

Charlaine Harris

9 tgcgoddess   2010-05-24 13:07

Thanks! I added it to my "get these as soon as they come out" list.

10 crossfox   Edited 2010-07-10 22:17 2010-07-10 22:17

I have gotten a copy of CRIMES BY MOONLIGHT. As always, Dahlia is awesome! Loved hearing about the aftermath of the Rhodes bombing from another perspective too (hope that isn't too spoilerish). I've read about half the stories in the book so far, and all have been excellent. Who knew Harley Jane Kozak was such a good writer?


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