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Dahlia Lynley-Chivers and Her Short Stories

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28 duckpond100   2010-12-07 06:55

I've written the story about that, but it won't appear until later next year -- in August, I think. I know that's strange, but that anthology (not one of mine and Toni's) got delayed. And Dahlia's lover appears in that one, too.

Charlaine Harris

29 audiobooklover   2010-12-07 11:05

Oh. I was wondering about the new sheriff and couldn't remember whether we'd met her lover before. Thanks for the info about the upcoming story.

And, even my library copy of the magazine still smelled like the perfume samples. I suspect it wasn't as strong as a new one, but I was surprised by that too.

30 tgcgoddess   Edited 2010-12-07 15:20 2010-12-07 15:02

Thanks you for the information. Is the anthology in question the Geroge R R Martin one you mentioned earlier in this thread? I went looking for it yesterday, and saw it had been pushed back to "sometime in 2011". If it is, that just makes me look forward to it more now!

31 duckpond100   2010-12-08 07:24

Yes, that's the anthology I referred to. Right now, I believe the pub date is August or September. It's a pity, because I'm really partial to the story I have in there.

Charlaine Harris

32 tgcgoddess   2010-12-08 13:04

Wow. I did just realize that's almost a year after you thought it was going to be published! I'll be sure to order it as soon as the publication date is announced.

33 BunsOfJelly   2010-12-08 17:14

Will there be a collection of Dahlia stories at all or would it be a publisher nightmare?
Even though I have most of them in various anthologies it would be nice to have them in one volume and in chronological order

34 aislyn   2010-12-08 17:48

The rights to all of them would have to revert to Charlaine. Maybe someday?

35 BunsOfJelly   2010-12-08 18:36

Maybe, fingers crossed

36 duckpond100   2010-12-10 06:44

Someday there will be a collection of Dahlia stories. I love Dahlia.

Charlaine Harris

37 BunsOfJelly   2010-12-10 13:56

Yay I love Dahlia too

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