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Dahlia Lynley-Chivers and Her Short Stories

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73 duckpond100   2011-02-16 18:18

Yes, there should be four more chapters . . . if this one sells well enough, I presume.

Joe, I had a lot to do with how Dahlia looks, and I picked the story they used. Some of the scenarios were based more on the short stories, but the one in the game was clearly better for gaming purposes. So I had some input, but in the end, it's better to let experts do what they do best.

Charlaine Harris

74 Joe the trucker   2011-02-16 19:59

Well, I am completely having a good time with it, and the sense of mystery and sleuthing is working. Looking forward to all the goodies coming out this year, thanks again!

75 shiftergrrrl   2011-02-17 17:57

Emmifer, according to i-play's facebook page, this is the song: Young Goodman Brown by The Scarlet Furies!

76 shiftergrrrl   2011-02-23 18:23

Has anyone else finished the game?

77 BunsOfJelly   2011-03-03 19:04

I'm on the last chapter of it. I'm trying to fit in
playing along side countless rereads and real life.

Sometimes I wish there were more of me, but knowing my luck they'd be the ones getting the lie ins and lazy afternoons and I'd get the long walk in the rain to work and the washing up. I'm beginning not to like these imaginary other mes and their easy lives. I'm feeling quite put upon

78 shiftergrrrl   2011-03-03 20:03

Oh BoJ I know that feeling exactly! I am so far behind in real life right now bc all I want to do is read and catch up on TV (which I still haven't done.) But daily life will certainly cathch up with me ;)

79 marlowes_mom   2011-06-14 00:13

Regarding that story in Glamour magazine, December 2010. If you are still looking for a copy Ebay has about 10 copies for sale. I purchased mine yesterday.

80 desiree_buckland   2011-06-14 07:55

Loved the game....when's the second part coming out?

81 duckpond100   2011-06-14 09:09

That's what I want to know, desiree_buckland. I'm going to check on that today.

Charlaine Harris

82 cte91888   2011-09-19 08:50

Dying for Daylight Part TWO - Game.... WHEN can we expect it to be released? Finished? Started??

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