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973 apey511   2011-08-23 19:49

9 more days!!!

974 mindafisher   2011-08-24 09:14

Last night Brett was telling me proud he is that I'm not already freaking out about out trip. (Our vacation to Florida put me in a packing/prep/planning tailspin... what can I say, travel with a 6 month old is complicated!) And I said, well don't worry I have 2 more weeks to freak out in. And he got quiet, then, "Honey, you have one week. We leave on Tuesday." So... now I'm freaking out.

975 dyin*4*dark   2011-08-24 09:22

Wow! How did you forget? Im Like you, Ive been trying to plan for the birth of my son since i was 6 months. trying to arange care for my other boys while Im still in the hospital.

Get your Freak out on and start packing and going nuts. You have more than a good enough reason. Just remember to enjoy it as well. Have Fun!!!

976 debim   Edited 2011-08-24 14:36 2011-08-24 14:29

On a promising note, I got an email from RT Book Reviews Magazine that says Charlaine is one of 250 Authors attending the Chicago convention next April. Charlaine will have to confirm that for us here, but some of us will definitely be going and are happy she will be there, too.

Following is the blurb on RT CON 2012:

Plans for the RT convention in Chicago, April 11 - 15 are heating up, with more and more bestselling authors signing on. We already have around 250 on our list of authors attending with Nalini Singh, Charlaine Harris, J.R. Ward, Brenda Jackson, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Lora Leigh, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Loretta Chase, Mary Balogh, Rosanne Bittner, Melissa Marr, Richelle Mead, Ally Condie and Karen Marie Moning topping the list.

We are expanding our reader program in Chicago to include 36 fan-centric workshops led by bestselling authors including all who are mentioned above. In addition to Author Chats with panels of bestselling authors, many authors are leading their own reader workshops with fun themes including Karen Marie Moning’s Fever party for fans. In the November issue we will outline the entire Reader Program, so please do take a look.

We are really changing up the convention this year! Many of you may have heard that we are retiring the Mr. Romance competition, formerly held on Saturday after the Giant Book Fair and replacing it with a day of reader fun with workshops and an Author Meet & Greet party for fans. Saturday will also be the day for teens, with another Teen Day, which was so successful in LA, planned for our Chicago convention.

Another big change will be for authors, aspiring and published. In place of our agent and editor panels, on Friday we will have a “Pitch Party” where editors and agents will line a room and writers will have three minutes to pitch their stories to them. It will be controlled chaos and a lot of fun. There will also be pitch doctors roaming the room for last-chance sharpening of your pitch. Any agents or editors who want to participate, please contact me at to get on the list. Authors, please let your agents and editors know what is planned to see if they are interested in participating.

Another note: Announced on Facebook...RT Chicago Rocky Horror Midnight Madness....get ready to do the Time Warp....again! This will happen Thursday at midnight.

977 duckpond100   2011-08-24 14:38

Yes, I plan to be there.

Charlaine Harris

978 apey511   2011-08-24 15:53

Mindafisher I am 90% packed for me and Darren. I so look forward to Dragoncon every year that I do a countdown on the calendar and when it's 4 weeks till I start packing. I start with books, comic books and odds and ends. Then the real packing begins. Let me just say Darren thinks I'm nuts but if I don't do it then who will. I remember the times when my daughter was that age sometimes I was surprised I could remember to dress myself. More power to you especially with a little one. Good luck see ya soon.

979 mindafisher   2011-08-24 16:04

It's complicated now that I am not her food source. Bottles (and cleaning stuff) formula, spoons, cereal, etc... plus diapers and my kid's bowels are unpredictable at best. I busted out the bags today to start getting her stuff ready. And I got my Charlatan bag ready, too! Oy.

980 IBC Judge   2011-08-24 16:46

Hey guys, I haven't gotten all the RSVPs yet for the happy hour with Charlaine on the Sunday of Dragon-Con, so if you haven't emailed me because you thought you were too late, you're not! RSVP to DaniellaMoiseyev(at)

981 leighannshome   Edited 2011-08-24 17:00 2011-08-24 16:58

OMgosh! OMgosh! Beside Charlaine, they have Mary Balogh! (I've been inhaling her books since the 80s') Susan Elizabeth Philips! (She talks blunt, and no-nonsense. Great writing advice) Loretta Chase (she's relatively new but very good!) and JR Ward (I missed her session last time and definitely won't this time!)

Okay, someone stop me! I've got exclamation-point-itus!

982 Becci   2011-08-24 17:53

!!!!!!! I feel all exclamation-y too Leigh-Ann but it was Karen Marie Moning and Rocky Horror Midnight Madness that made me that way! !!!!!!!!!!!

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