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Dahlia Lynley-Chivers and Her Short Stories

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98 severenika   2011-10-24 17:22

you have to understand me right - I love the stories as they are. It's just that the last three stories are expressly linked to Sookies stories. Dahlia is ageless. but even for an ageless character it can be an itsy bit funny to live under the rule of the new sheriff for some time and see him becoming one a couple of years later. but it isn't a problem - I wouldn't notice this at all if I wasn't trying that timeline. sorry, if i've bothered you. and thank you for the lovely stories. write more, please. severenika

99 troubledour   2011-10-25 19:28

My library will have a copy of Down These Strange Streets at my branch soon. Status of request was "In Transit," so I should be reading it by the end of the week. Happy Halloween, everyone.

100 duckpond100   2011-10-26 07:25

Enjoy, troubledour.

Severenika, I write the Dahlia stories so widely spread apart that I never think about timelines. Frankly, that's never been my concern in anything I write, to which my poor continuity editor can attest.

Charlaine Harris

101 troubledour   2011-11-02 23:53

If Diantha speaks Spanish, she'll fit right in among Cubans and Dominicans living in Miami. I can say this; my folks were Cuban. ;-)

Yes, I enjoyed seeing her again, too.

102 lioness   Edited 2011-11-03 11:15 2011-11-03 11:11

yeah just read Death by Dahlia nice look at Diantha. This is the first time i am reading a Dahlia story. The book caught my eye because Reading George R R Martin books and his name came up as the editor Nice short
 story Dahlia seems like a take charge kind of Lady

103 Taizu   2011-11-07 03:50

I'm on a restricted budget so I can't buy all the anthologies that feature Dahlia stories - though the ones that include Patricia Briggs stories are rather tempting.

Is there a Dahlia short stories collection in the works?

104 duckpond100   2011-11-07 09:55

Taizu, I'm hoping that sooner or later there will be enough Dahlia stories to justify a collection. I love writing her.

Charlaine Harris

105 troubledour   2011-11-15 23:26

I don't see a thread for this, but I thought I'd ask...For anyone who has read the rest of the Strange Streets stories:

Does anyone else here like Carrie Vaughn's "It's Still the Same Old Story"? Anyone else think that Ricardo is at least as romantic a vampire character as Bill? Just asking.

106 crossfox   Edited 2011-11-15 23:41 2011-11-15 23:40

That would be a good question for the Other Writers threads. I think Carrie Vaughn has a thread there.

107 sonofnorway   2011-11-16 00:28

troubledour, I haven't read any other Carrie Vaughn but I thought it was a great story. Here's a link to our Carrie Vaughn thread: &Catid=474477a40&skip=30#m4dec472e11

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