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Home Improvement: Undead Edition - If I Had A Hammer

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60 crossfox   2012-03-31 21:46

"The arrival of a baby coincides with the departure of our minds." - Bill Cosby

61 Sam'sMa'am   2012-04-04 13:37

crossfox - Love that! I'll have to try and remember it ;)

62 troubledour   2012-04-18 08:34

Speaking of babies, I just heard that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are expecting in the fall. At least according to Become an author, write some bestsellers, have a show based on the books on cable, be indirectly responsible for the existence of another human being. Congratulations all around.

63 crossfox   2012-04-18 22:26

lol@troubledour. That is kind of a scary thought.

64 godorothy   2012-04-19 09:00

Bill_Fan, the short story "small town wedding" about Sookie going with Sam to his brother's wedding in Wright, TX fills in some great backstory for Sam -- what his mom is like (not like the women Sam dates), and some details about his love-life with Janalynn. If you agree with some posters that Eric's moon is on the wane and Sam's is on the rise, with Sookie, you should consider reading The Companion for the adventure Sookie has with Sam away from Bon Temps (in separate bedrooms). I like the Companion for all its components but the long short story is my favorite part.

65 Maker   2012-04-19 11:59

That's a scary thought, troubledour. I hope they have a happy and healthy baby.

Charlaine Harris

66 severenika   2012-04-23 12:10

dearest author, can we learn the title of the new Sookie-story from the "educational" collection, please?

67 Maker   2012-04-24 07:11

Took me a while to figure that out. "Playing Possum" is the Sookie short story in AN APPLE FOR THE CREATURE.

Charlaine Harris

68 severenika   2012-04-24 07:37

Thank you for the answer, Charlaine.
I'm sorry for making my question that puzzling. Won't do this again.

69 mohawkguy28   2012-04-30 07:54

I just got to read the short story If I Had a Hammer. Sookie seems to be happy in this short story. And she is hanging out with Sam, which makes me happy!

I thought that it was cute that Tara named her daughter after Sookie (middle name). It seems that the babies are healthy. I wonder how the little committee came together to discuss fixing it up.

It was a great little reminder that Bill's family was in Bon Temps. They don't really ever talk about his relatives in Bon Temps, though they see the Stackhouses as poor and the Bellefleurs as grand.

Though it was curious Sookie's reaction to the mention of Bill's relative. Now that she has two exes, he is considered an ex verses the ex! LOL..

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