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3806 crossfox   2013-02-06 15:34

I'm just enjoying the phrase "giant puffball of neediness." The visual doesn't look like Charlaine at all, though, at least to me.

3807 mageric   2013-02-06 21:33

We are all giant puffballs of neediness deep down inside.
Just be a strong puffball, and you'll do alright in this world.

3808 ledsw05   2013-02-08 17:31

I agree about the Amazon reviews. They are really unfair IMO. Shame, really.

3809 Maker   2013-02-13 10:43

I hope a lot of you read this thread today, because I've chosen it to make a little announcement. I just saw the cover for "After Dead," which is the coda to the Sookie books. My publisher decided to publish it before Christmas in a separate volume. It will be a slim book containing what happens AFTER "DEA" to many of the characters I've created over the years. And Lisa is drawing a Sookie alphabet for the book. There are several other features under consideration for this volume, which is intended as a stocking stuffer. I'll post more when I know it.

Charlaine Harris

3810 aussiedog65   2013-02-13 10:53

That's great! Looking forward to the Sookie coda.

3811 lindsayb   2013-02-13 11:40

Exciting news! I can't wait to see Lisa's artwork.

3812 HelenaHandbasket   2013-02-13 11:44

Thanks for the news, Ms. Harris.

So glad it's going to be released before Christmas, I would love to get it as a stocking stuffer.
Lisa will be drawing a Sookie alphabet, and there are other features under consideration - looking forward to learning more about it.

Did you write the actual coda of what happens to the characters after DEA? Or did you collaborate with someone else, such as was the case with the emails/timeline in the Sookie Companion?

3813 lindsayb   2013-02-13 11:50

HelenaHandBasket, this is what she said about the Coda before.

6915 Maker 2012-09-17 11:24
I just finished writing the Coda, which will comprise the futures of many of the important characters in the Sookieverse. I can't possibly cram all of them into the last book. We're still deciding how and when to make the Coda public.

Charlaine Harris

3814 mootra   2013-02-13 11:55

This announcement made me very happy!

3815 HelenaHandbasket   2013-02-13 11:57

Thanks Lindsay. I don't think I'd seen that before, or I'd forgotten that she had said that.

If it's due to be released in late October (according to Amazon) I don't think I can wait to get it as a stocking stuffer, more like a Halloween treat lol!

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